I created a volume presenting discussions with seven respected documentary and contemporary fine art photographers in South Africa. Each conversation concerns the state of South Africa twenty-one years into democracy in consideration of the role of the photographer, new identity, daily life, and an unconventional approach to photography in this specific environment.

The medium of photography has taken a new turn since the end of apartheid.The country’s history of social and political injustice, segregation and brutality still haunt many to this day. Over the last two decades, artists have found themselves increasingly looking from within to discover fresh perspectives.



1. Thom Pierce
2. David Lurie
3. Dale Yudelman
4. Jenny Altschuler
5. Terry Kurgan
6. Graeme Williams
7. David Goldblatt

This book was created in collaboration With Emma Williams, who’s volume presents conversations with seven practitioners at the forefront of independent art publishing in South Africa. The purpose of these discussions is to establish the nature of the individual’s practice and its relation to their position in South African society – 21 years after the inauguration of democracy

Pdf available on request


We created risograph prints in gold to be previewed with the book.

Exhibition of this project took place in 2016 at ‘The Old Truman Brewery’ in London.